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U.S. Financial Professionals – Accentuating the Positive

U.S. financial professionals are reporting a bias to the positive on our domestic economic outlook and their own career prospects. They don’t have the same level of confidence in the global economy, and that sentiment is reflected in the views of their colleagues in leading European financial centers, who don’t have as sanguine an outlook for their domestic economies.

According to the new eFinancialCareers Global Financial Professionals Confidence Survey, 4 in 10 Wall Streeters’ confidence in the domestic economy has improved in the past six months, and expect the economy will continue to grow over the next six months. Another 4 in 10 expect the economy to stay the same. These optimistic respondents pointed to improved financial markets, a nascent housing recovery and stronger consumer confidence as the drivers of their expectations.

The same positive attitudes apply to U.S. financial professionals’ view of their organizations and career prospects: nearly half say their employer’s performance was stronger over the past six months, and half expect that improved performance to continue for six months moving forward. A full two-thirds have zero concern about layoffs in the near-term, and 29 percent feel their career prospects have taken a turn for the better. Just 18 percent are concerned for their careers. And nearly 70 percent were optimistic about the possibility of finding a comparable job should they lose their jobs in the next six months.

Why the confidence at this time? It’s worthwhile to remember that people are easily influenced by the people and news around them, even sharp Wall Streeters. If you work in a company where conditions and performance have been improving, confidence buzzes higher.

Perception or reality, what does this mean for you? When you feel most confident is the time to get serious about your next career move – you’ll be playing from a position of strength. And the same is true if you are building and enhancing your team – confidence supports the willingness to take risks – to make a move, to grow, and to change.

About the survey

The eFinancialCareers Global Financial Professionals Confidence Survey, was conducted among a total of 3,940 finance professionals currently working, of which 2,427 in the U.S., 583 in the UK, 450 in France, 360 in the financial centers of Middle East, and 120 in Germany. The survey was conducted in May 2013.

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